Our history

The history of Payerne Airport goes back several years and is the result of a collaboration between the Municipality of Payerne and the Communauté régionale de la Broye (COREB). In 2013, COREB obtained the right to operate the airport, with the main objective of developing the economy of the Broye region, both in Vaud and Fribourg.

The realisation of this mission began in 2016 with the inauguration of the civilian tarmac, marking the arrival of the first business flight that same year.

In 2017, COREB and the municipality of Payerne decided to establish swiss aeropole SA, which is responsible for overseeing the airport and developing the technology park.

To meet the growing demand, the Commune of Payerne joined forces with Anura SA to construct the Payerne Airport building. The Commune associated with Speedwings Business SA which provides Executive ground handling services. The inauguration of the building in 2019 marked a key stage in the development of the project. The building now houses the VIP passenger terminal, hangars for business jets, crew lounge, offices and conference rooms for the swiss aeropole technology park.

Since the opening of the terminal, the number of movements has risen steadily. Passengers and crews particularly appreciate the advantages offered by Payerne Airport, such as time saving, confidentiality and the quality of the services provided.

Speedwings Business SA

Handling Service

Handling and hangar services are provided by Speedwings Business SA.

Speedwings gathered a lot of experience as a former operator at Geneva Airport. Today, the company has embarked on a new adventure by providing complete ground handling services at Payerne Airport. In addition to their handling operations, Speedwings offers a wide range of services to meet customers’ needs. In addition, it offers business aircraft owners the possibility of benefiting from a confidential, safe and secure environment for parking their aircraft.

The professional team at Speedwings is dedicated to providing a superior service, ensuring that passengers and crew feel cared for and safe throughout their stay at Payerne Airport.

COREB & swiss aeropole

Airport Authority

COREB plays an essential role as the operator of the civil airport, but swiss aeropole SA is responsible for its day-to-day management and development.

swiss aeropole is responsible for the supervision of all operations in accordance with the established operating regulations. As a key player, it works actively to promote the unique opportunities offered by this airport and highlight its advantages for business operations.

By working closely with COREB and other stakeholders, swiss aeropole is committed to ensuring the smooth operation of the airport and its future development. It offers an exceptional experience with unique infrastructure to all users, while promoting the economic development of the region.